Spooktacular savings! 70% OFF lotions - no code needed. 50% OFF everything else with code 50FORYOU Spooktacular savings! 70% OFF lotions - no code needed. 50% OFF everything else with code 50FORYOU

bluebird loyalty program

We’re excited to announce Bluebird’s newest way to save big on CBD purchases - our loyalty program!

Our loyalty program rewards customers with points for every purchase, which you can save up and cash in for sweet deals and savings on your favorite hemp products. 

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Visit our rewards page to create your Bluebird account. If you already have a Bluebird account, you can log in and use your existing credentials. Bonus - you get 10 points just for completing this step! Yippee!
  1. Start earning points. Shopping isn’t the only way to rack up points. You get rewards by following us on each of our social media channels, subscribing to our newsletter, and downloading our beginner’s guide to CBD. You also earn birthday points every year just for completing another trip around the sun. 
  1. Apply your points at checkout for savings. Once you’ve earned 100 points, you can start saving actual dollars on your purchases. 
  • 100 points = $10 off
  • 200 points = $20 off
  • 300 points = $30 off
  • 400 points = $40 off

Please note that minimum purchase amounts are required to apply these discounts.

Start Earning Points

How does the point accrual system work?

As we’ve mentioned above, you can earn points for all kinds of activities. When it comes to shopping CBD, you'll receive points based on our tier system which accounts for your total purchase value over time. Here’s a breakdown: 

Silver Tier - Every new loyalty program member starts here. You’ll earn 1 point for every $1 spent until your total purchase value surpasses $249. So if you purchase a bottle of our 2 oz Complete CBD Oil, you will earn 55 points for that order. 

Gold Tier - When you've spent $249 - $999, you’ll earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent. A purchase of our 6 oz Hemp Sport lotion would equate to 75 points earned.

Platinum Tier - When you've spent over $1000, you’ll earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent. For a purchase of our 60 ct Concentrated CBD Soft Gels, you would earn 125 points. 

Give 20%, Get 20%

You can also earn points by bringing your friends and family to the party. Send your closest buds a 20% off discount and get 20% off for each successful referral!

Refer Friends For 20% Off

Have questions about how to use our program? Our customer care team is here to help! Send an email to info@bluebirdbotanicals.com or give us a call at 720-726-5132.