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CBD for dogs

Many pet owners have been turning to CBD to help maintain health and wellness for their pups and kitties. However, there can be some challenges in picking out the best of the best for our furry friends and getting them comfortably started. What’s the best way to feed it to them? How much CBD should you start with?

When introducing your pet to CBD for the first time, we always recommend starting low and slow. Our standard serving size for our Companion CBD Oil is 15 drops, which equates to about half a milliliter of oil. This serving includes 4.2 mg of cannabinoids plus terpenes, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, trace minerals, and more. This is a great starting amount for most pets, regardless of size. Every pet (and every mammal, for that matter) will respond differently to CBD depending on their own unique genetic makeup, so it’s best to start with a minor amount to see how they respond. 

There are a couple of ways to deliver Bluebird’s CBD to your pup with ease and minimal fuss. If you’re using Companion CBD Oil, you’ll likely find the greatest success by drizzling it directly on top of their food. The other option is to use Companion CBD Soft Gels and wrap the soft gels in a piece of cheese or meat to give your dog a yummy, healthy snack.

The other important thing to keep in mind when starting your pet on a new CBD regimen is consistency. Try to give them the same product at approximately the same time every day. After two to three weeks, you can begin increasing the number of servings, the amount per serving, or even try a more concentrated product for your pet.

Bluebird Botanicals also offers Concentrated Companion Soft Gels for this very purpose. These soft gels contain 15 mg of cannabinoids per capsule and are easy to feed directly to your pet or place in their food bowl. 

Have more questions about introducing CBD to your furbaby? Give our customer care team a call at 720-726-5132 or drop a line at info@bluebirdbotanicals.com.

P.S. Did you hear the great news? Our Companion CBD for Pets won a Best of Supplements award from Better Nutrition!

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