Why Can Other CBD Companies Make Health Claims, Not Bluebird? – Bluebird Botanicals
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The truth is: they can’t. 

The FDA has consistently taken action against companies making these sorts of claims. Most recently, the FDA issued cease and desist letters to 15 companies for claiming that CBD can cure specific diseases or ailments. 

Bluebird Botanicals is proud that we can communicate about our products to our consumers while adhering to FDA and other pertinent regulations. Because transparency is one of our core company values, we never want to give our customers false hope, but rather tools and education to best understand how CBD can help you as a unique individual, with a unique and individual endocannabinoid system. We offer a comprehensive third-party lab-tested database, as well as a descriptive walk-through on how exactly to understand what’s on your label and in your bottle of CBD. 

Bluebird does strive to be a valuable resource for information on ways for our flock to enhance their existing health and wellness routines. We offer everything from CBD recipes like this healthy CBD s'more to ways to manage stress like our Mindful Mondays series or our Guide to Using Gratitude for Stress Relief . It's our goal to continually foster wellness within our Bluebird community.

While we do make general health and wellness statements about our products, because we are a big fan of rules and regulations within the health space, this does, unfortunately, mean we can’t directly answer whether CBD will help with a specific ailment And, per current regulations, neither should other CBD companies.

Generally, we find that companies who do make medical claims fall into one or more of three categories: uninformed, bold, or greedy and manipulative. Some, the uninformed, just don’t know that it’s illegal and immoral to share those claims in their marketing materials. Others, the bold or greedy and manipulative, know that it’s illegal but are compelled to feature medical claims anyway. The former group does this because they truly believe in the power of the hemp plant and they’re not going to let a government body get in the way of the truth, maaaan! The latter group knows that they’ll gain more customers, higher rankings on Google searches, and generally just make more money by featuring these often wild claims.

If you are interested in beginning a self-care journey with CBD, we typically suggest starting with our standard serving size of 0.5 mL, or 15 drops, twice per day. Bluebird’s recent switch to graduated bottle dropper tops makes it easier than ever to measure your desired serving. 

Keep in mind that if a lower dose or lower concentration of CBD isn’t working for you, you can try increasing the number of servings or try one of our concentrated products. For even more info about getting started with CBD, visit our 2019 Beginner’s Guide to CBD

For all your other queries, our knowledgeable, compassionate Customer Care Team is available by phone at (720) 726-5132 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT or reach out at info@bluebirdbotanicals.com. If you’re a Colorado local, you can also stop by our storefront at 410 S. Arthur Ave. in Louisville for a face-to-face chat.

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