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Bluebird on iHemp Revolition Our accomplished Head of Marketing and Branding, Michael Harinen, was the featured guest on Coach Freddie's iHemp Revolution Podcast this week. Check it out if you're interested to hear what Bluebird's been up to and what's on the horizon! Listen to the podcast. More on Mike: Michael "Expert Guru Viking" Harinen leads the marketing and branding efforts at Bluebird Botanicals. Like most other vikings, he revels in victory on the battlefield. Unlike most other vikings, his battlefield is the dynamic landscape of the hemp industry. The challenges of adapting Bluebird's strategies to a shifting market while fueling innovation in aesthetics and products quench his thirst for battle. In his free time he likes to climb rocks, hang out with his pup, watch interesting or absurd videos on the youtubes, and score points for Valhalla by means of volunteer work.