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  How long have you been working at Bluebird Botanicals? I started working as a Customer Care Representative in January 2018 and was recently promoted to the CCR Supervisor role in July. What’s your favorite part of your job? Truly, the environment is my favorite part. The office, co-workers, and customers all drive me. I look forward to coming to Bluebird Botanicals every morning. Why are you passionate about the cannabis/hemp industry? What motivates you in your work? In so many cases, subtle or dramatic, hemp extract products work for people. I have worked in the natural foods industry for years, and have never seen a product which yielded as many results as I have seen with full-spectrum hemp extracts. What do you find most challenging about working in the cannabis industry? The stigma is still strong. Robert Anton Wilson once said, "Belief is the death of intelligence.” Unfortunately, archaic beliefs rooted in racism and profit still pervade much of our country's attitude toward hemp and cannabis. It is a privilege to educate those who are willing to have flexible beliefs regarding cannabis, although challenging to recognize that these viewpoints are still present.  

Cool Things About Justin

Hometown: Wheeling, IL Hobbies: Powerlifting, yoga, contemplative practices, reading, hiking, teaching Wim Hof Method workshops, hypnosis Favorite food: Saag Paneer Favorite musical artist: The Flaming Lips Groups/non-profits you support: Multidisciplinary Association For Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), Hefter Institute, Beckley Foundation Surprising fact about you: I sincerely love taking Ice Baths, and submerging myself in frozen bodies of water. Personal philosophy: Reality is malleable. With enough intention, we can make our life's circumstances and our own reactions to said circumstances less and less random.
  What’s your favorite story or memory from your time at Bluebird? I was once e-mailed about a kangaroo taking our extracts. With light skepticism, I asked for photos, and they delivered. Roofus loves our Classic 6x Concentrate! Check him out on our Instagram. What is a common misconception about the cannabis industry that you’ve come across in your work? There is a misconception that everybody in the cannabis industry uses THC. Nope! I greatly dislike THC, as do many other Bluebirds. What’s the top question you get from family and friends about your job? What is your go-to response? Question: Will it help my _______? Answer: Take some extract twice a day every day for a month, and notice how you feel. Have no expectations, and you will probably be pleasantly surprised. CBD is quickly growing in popularity as a dietary supplement - why do you think this is? As mentioned before, it actually works. The power of expectation can be extremely powerful; however, it seems that hemp extracts are truly affecting the body in extremely positive ways, which I have never seen with any other dietary supplements.