Bitcoin Payment FAQ

If you are new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, we suggest starting by setting up a Coinbase account.

  • Credit card payment is the fastest option to set up on Coinbase, but there is a $150 weekly limit for each credit card for new users.
  • Bank account verification takes longer to process (5-7 days), but will allow larger deposits and withdrawals.
  • Make sure to carefully follow the instructions when setting up your account, if you make repeated errors when verifying your account, Coinbase will freeze your account and slow down the process.
  • Be particularly careful when verifying the test transactions that Coinbase posts to your account. You might see 3 transactions instead of 2. Make sure to follow the instructions and input the transactions with unique two digit numbers on the end, rather than the transaction for $1.00. For example, if you see test transactions for $1.00, $1.27, and $1.39, you will want to enter 27 and 39 as your test transaction numbers.
  • Once your Coinbase account is set up, you are ready to send Bitcoin payment from Coinbase to the Bluebird website.


To complete a transaction using Bitcoin payment, go through the normal order process and select “Digital Currencies” for the payment method at checkout.

  • You will be prompted for your refund address. This is your Bitcoin wallet address. For Coinbase users, you can find this address by going to “Accounts,” selecting Bitcoin Wallet, and then select “Wallet Address” near the top right of the screen.
  • After entering your refund address, click “Place Order.”
  • You will be directed to a payment screen with the BTC order total and the payment address.
  • You will need to copy this exact information into the “Send Funds” feature on Coinbase. Please include the order number in the memo field when filling out your Coinbase “Send Funds” form. If you are using Coinbase mobile app, you can scan the QR code to copy the address.
  • Be very careful when copying the address and BTC amount into Coinbase. If you enter the address or payment amount incorrectly, your funds might be lost. 
  • Complete the “Send Funds” process in Coinbase. Once you complete this process, your payment will show up as “Unconfirmed” on the Bluebird checkout page.
  • It may take a while (up to one hour) for a pending transaction to be confirmed on Coinbase and sent to Bluebird. ​If you have a transaction in your Coinbase account that has gone unconfirmed for more than 24 hours, Coinbase will remove it and notify you by email. If you are the sender of the transaction, the coins will be restored to your account if the transaction doesn’t post, so there is no loss of coins when this happens.
  • If you don’t see your transaction come through right away, be patient, and feel free to check on the confirmation progress by clicking on the small green box on the checkout page (“View Address on Bitcoin Blockchain.”)
  • Once the transaction is properly confirmed on the Bitcoin Blockchain, the checkout process will be completed and your order will be successfully submitted.
  • Feel free to call or email us if you need further assistance, thanks for using Bitcoin!

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